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  • Rita Begum

Women Street Safety Survey

Readers may know that, in the wake of the killing of Sarah Everard and protests by women, the Government has now published an increase to the ‘Safer Streets’ Fund.

The fund is intended to “offer reassurance” to women - by providing better street lighting and CCTV cameras. Campaigners have stated that the £45m fund is inadequate and have called for more radical institutional changes to be introduced.

However, the government has missed an opportunity to find out women’s ideas on harassment and violence.

I am standing as a candidate in the West Central area for the GLA election on 6th May and this survey intends to address that omission - by seeking women’s views directly and to present the findings as a way of shaping a way forward.

Safeguarding Minister Atkins and PM Johnson have said the government would work with ‘businesses and police’ to ensure "that women can feel safe in our streets." The government has also offered to bring in "landmark legislation" to toughen up sentences and put more police on streets - to help “drive out violence against women and girls and make every part of the criminal justice system work to better protect and defend them.”

I'd be grateful if you'd fill out the form and share among your friends and on social media so that we can find a comprehensive way forward!


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