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  • Rita Begum

Tory Politician Defends Use of Chelsea Tractors (SUVs)

New Weather Institute and Possible (NWIP) charities found that, in 2019, 36% of Kensington residents bought a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) than anywhere else.

SUVs emit higher levels of carbon than smaller vehicles and are usually linked to rural motorists who have to deal with rougher tracks, rather than narrow city roads with tight parking spaces.

Hammersmith and Fulham came second at 30% - 3rdplace was taken by Westminster; Richmond Upon Thames being 4th. NWIP also found that three quarters of SUVs in the UK were registered to urban addresses.

NWIP remarked that to limit carbon emissions, SUV manufacturers should stop directing publicity to urban residents.

Tony Devenish AM argues that SUVs are “often essential” for residents in the 3 Boroughs. “My constituents don’t see themselves as living ‘in Town’. They seem to enjoy the best of both worlds, working from home in the countryside and enjoying City life.”

He continued: “An SUV is often ‘essential’ if you are part of the ‘sandwich’ generation, shifting children between schools, enjoying time with the elderly and being part of the boom in dog ownership while holding down a career. "SUV owners are environmentally friendly and I am often asked about plans to move to electric vehicles – which many are keen to embrace.”

He is standing for re-election for a third time on May 6, in the London Mayor and London Assembly election.

However, his Labour & Co-op opponent, Rita Begum, noted the point about the high volume of SUVs in West End Central and stressed that she would “support Sadiq Khan in tackling climate change – including emission pollution by gas guzzling cars. She continued: “This election is a two-horse race in which Sadiq Khan will prioritise air quality and our environment.”

Mr Devenish– a full time GLA and Westminster Council politician - paid for by the public purse - has served both for the past two terms. From his comments on the environmental impact of SUVs and the planned Ultra Low Emissions Zone, it would appear that he has passed his sell by date.

Voters are naturally asking what benefit he is to Londoners in West End Central?


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