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  • Rita Begum

London Mayoral Elections 2020 | March Newsletter

Elections to the GLA are taking place on Thursday, 7th May – when we must re-elect Sadiq as Mayor of London.

In order to obtain the best result in West Central GLA constituency we will need to contact as many voters as possible.

Sadiq’s Campaign Team will be organising events and canvass sessions – along with our Labour Parties in Hammersmith, Kensington, and Westminster.

The most important activity will be face-to-face contact with voters.

Canvassing sessions form the core part of this activity, and local affiliated groups – in my case the Co-operative Party and GMB Trade Union members, will also be taking part in our campaign and canvass sessions.

This newsletter is intended to regularly advise you of the timetable of activities and the contact details for taking part. These can be found below.

GLA elections are different to many other local elections.

All voters are entitled to 3 votes – one for the Mayor: one for a West Central Assembly Member (myself), and one for a London wide candidate (the Labour Party).

Please take part and get your friends / relatives to support the campaign to elect Sadiq, myself, and a Labour Party candidate.

Voters can also register to vote by post, and you should let people know it is their right to do so.

Looking forward to seeing you on the campaign trail!


11am and 2pm - Saturdays / Sundays

Contact: Larry Culhane - 28 Greyhound Road, Hammersmith, W6 8NX


Street stall every Friday 10am - 2pm Portobello Market

Contact: David Kear


11am – Sun 8th March – Maida Vale

11am – Saturday 14th March – Queen’s Park

2pm – Saturday 14th March – Church Street

11am & 2pm – Sat 14th / Sun 15th March


Dario Goodwin or Margaret Lynch - Labour office, 4G Shirland Mews, W9 3DY

075 96 44 51 84 or 077 32 70 29 54


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