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  • Rita Begum

It's Time To Co-operate

This is a message from Nick Crofts — President of the National Members’ Council at the Co-op Group. "Over the last few weeks, I’ve been so proud to see the incredible Co-operative Difference that our entire movement is making in response to the global Covid-19 crisis. You can watch and share my video now about what Co-ops have been doing, and how you can join a new Co-op platform to fight against Covid-19.

Co-ops have consistently set an example that other businesses and even the Government have subsequently followed.

It was Co-op Food stores that were the first to promise help to food banks struggling because of panic buying. We donated £1.5 million pounds.

Co-op Academies were the first to announce that no child should go hungry because schools were closed.

When our retail heroes put themselves on the line to keep the nation fed, it was Co-op Party MP Jim McMahon who ensured that they were recognised as key workers, to receive the protection that they deserve.

There are countless examples like this up and down the country.

In Wales, co-op taxi drivers are offering free rides to key workers.

In the Midlands, Central England Co-op are donating to FairShare to ensure food reaches the most vulnerable.

And right here in Liverpool, a co-op bakery is baking fresh bread for food banks and delivering pies to ambulance workers.

This is just the beginning.There is so much more we need to do as we face the difficult months ahead. But I know that co-operators are up to this challenge, and our co-operative movement — anchored in the communities we serve — will always back those who need it most.

And you can help.

You can now the Co-op Group’s new online community platform. It’s called Co-operate. It can link you up with the amazing work already happening in your community, to make sure help is getting to where it is needed most."

Go to to find out more.


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