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  • Rita Begum

Help Elect a Labour Assembly Member - Register to Vote by Post

Joe Biden’s victory shows that Early Voting matters - sign up for yours!

Waiting for American states to slowly count,recount, and certify their votes has been tense. More than tense. For millions of vulnerable people in America and all over the world, the dominant emotion has been fear. But in the end, voters chose to start down a different path towards a different and hopeful future.

All this was only possible because people were able to vote safely during this pandemic.

I'm running for the London Assembly this May to make our voices heard. To do that, we have to make sure that everyone - all our neighbours and friends and family across West London - are able to safely. By signing up to vote by post, we can be sure that we're able to vote early, vote safely, and send a message to a government that wants to punish Londoners.

This May we will need your vote to return Sadiq to City Hall with the Labour Assembly he needs. With COVID worries and electoral games being played by the Government it is crucial that you get your chance to vote.

If you want to vote for hope, for unity, and for compassion, sign up for a postal vote.


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