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  • Rita Begum

Great Event With Labour For A Public Vote

On September 9th, I joined the team at Labour For A Public Vote for a fantastic fundraising event.

Labour For A Public Vote are campaigning for a public vote on Brexit, as it is clear that the Tories are making a mess of it.

Should they come to pass, any soft Brexit 'deal' or a ‘no deal’ hard Brexit will cause immense harm to communities throughout the UK. They are an unprecedented attack on our hard won rights, freedoms, jobs, wages, public services, wealth, and democracy.

‘Brexit day’ is currently set for the 31st October 2019. Meanwhile, asleep at the wheel, our weak, divided and incompetent government is paralysed.

It is my belief that only a Labour government can lead Britain into a fair and socially just relationship with Europe, which is why I am also fully backing a public vote.

Working together and drawing on the strengths of those from across our movement, we can stop a disastrous Tory Brexit in its tracks, build a better future for everyone, and get a radical Labour Party into power.

If you'd like to join me in letting the people have the final say, get in touch!


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