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  • Rita Begum

Gordon Brown promotes ‘Alliance for Full Employment’

Gordon Brown, ex Labour PM and Co-operative Party member has called for voters to join the Co-op Alliance for Full Employment to act on the biggest economic challenge of our times – massive levels of unemployment.

“Our economy has, for the second time this century, been rocked by global crisis”, he states.

Times of crisis call for imaginative and far-sighted solutions and it is abundantly clear that not to act will risk the jobs and futures of too many people in this country. He emphasised the need for a collaborative model of working - locally, regionally and nationally. He also made clear that the Co-op believe it to be necessary to tackle the jobs emergency with good employment that is well paid and fulfilling, in conjunction with colleagues in every region and nation of the UK.

The newly launched ‘Alliance for Full Employment’ will work to mobilise all the resources of the United Kingdom to end the recession and create good, quality jobs. In measures ranging from devolved Regional Growth Funds to supporting community energy as part of a Green New Deal, the co-operative movement has a vital role to play - indeed, Labour and Co-operative Metro Mayors are already taking part.

The Co-operative Party bases its values on pooling efforts to fight poverty and injustice. Such a movement has never been so needed in this country. Mere competitive models do not offer the same value as that of collaboration – which provides new solutions and values to help rebuild the mess of the pandemic and economic recession.

Mobilising resources and the campaigning power of the co-operative movement, which has always believed in community power, devolution and creative solutions to the challenges which face us, will be crucial in turning the tide.


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