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  • Rita Begum

Free School Meals For Half Term Campaigns

If you're active on Twitter in the UK, it's likely you'll have come across Marcus Rashford's campaign to end food poverty for all children, but especially during school holidays and Covid19 lockdowns when the poorest children do not have access to term-time free school meals.

You'll also have seen that the Conservative government voted, pretty much en masse, not to feed children during the holidays, claiming it is a parent's responsibility, despite the poorest families being in work.

And, heartwarmingly, you will have seen many borough councils (Westminster NOT included), along with small and large companies up and down the UK, band together to provide nutritious meals to children affected by food poverty.

Here's Rita discussing the issue with Bayswater Labour's, Maggie Carman and Brent Councillor, Neil Nerva.


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