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  • Rita Begum

Apply For An Early Vote

This year voting will be different.

Make sure to sign up for a postal vote so you can vote Labour on 6th May.

A transcript of the video is below, along with the link to sign up for a postal vote.

Hi, I'm Rita Begum. I am your Labour and Co-Op candidate for the West Central GLA seat.

On the 6th of May, Londoners will go to the polls to vote for who they want to be the Mayor of London, and crucially, who they want to represent them as their GLA member.

When we vote this year however, things will be slightly different.

So we're asking that Labour supporters sign up for a postal vote to make sure they don't miss out on voting.

Here are just three reasons why voting by post is better than going in person:

1 - Vote from the comfort of your own home

2 - Avoid a queue at the polling stations

3 - You know that your vote for Labour is in the bag and ready to be counted on polling day

It's simple to sign up for a postal vote!

And - in the time it has taken you to watch this video, you could have already done that.

Just click on the link below, enter your details, and it's done!

Thank you so much for watching this.

Stay safe and well.


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