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  • Rita Begum

Kensington Rejects Safe Cycling

Kensington Council rejected the views of Primary schools, Universities, the NHS, and residents on 17th March to reinstate the only protected cycle lane in the whole Borough. It provided safe passage for 3-4000 bike journeys a day - blocked by parked cars for 63.6% of the time.

The Royal Borough has no active plan for safe bike riding or schemes for nearly 8000 children in primary schools - in the year when Scotland is to host a major United Nations climate change summit.

Covid lockdown has shown everyone how the use of bikes helped address cleaner air, exercise, obesity, and transport poverty.

TfL, Residents Associations, and businesses all offered their support for the bike lane. However, car usage predominates.

The Council needs to remember its basic democratic role – to act in the wider interests of the community- rather than basing decisions on 322 complainants – many of whom were SUV owners.

As a candidate for West Central elections to the GLA, I will support Sadiq Khan and TfL's commitment to building safer, cleaner streets – which includes tackling toxic air pollution and emissions, and safer and easier cycle routes as one of the highest priorities for all Londoners.

London Cycling Campaign

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