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  • Rita Begum

Co-Operative Party Campaigns For Food Justice

The coronavirus crisis has highlighted the issue of food poverty, but our communities were starving for food justice long before the pandemic hit.

That’s why the Co-op Party has been helping councils across the country take two easy steps to make sure their incredible efforts are the foundations of a more sustainable future.

But now, the Co-op seeks your help.

Today, we’re launching a new tool - a Food Justice Finder. You can find out if your council has taken steps to food justice and if not, support/ encourage them to do so. Help tackle food poverty locally by taking action using the Food Justice Finder.

Councils with Food Champions and Food Partnerships are better placed to fight food poverty at a local level.

We’ve mapped which councils have so far taken these crucial steps to food justice. Based on newly collected FOI data and research covering England, Wales and Scotland, the Finder spotlights and congratulates councils who have a Champion and Partnership, and helps you take action and engage with councils who haven’t yet acted.

The burden of tackling food poverty should not be falling on overstretched communities and underfunded councils.

Whilst the Co-op will continue to call for change, in the co-operative tradition we can act local and help ensure councils who are stepping up to the plate and have the structures and support they need to help as many people as possible.


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